before storm / after storm

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Anonymous asked: hi rob! I'm not that anon at ALL because using someone's birth name when clearly they don't want it used is a shitty thing to do (I know from personal experience) but if ur panicky or anything I think a while back you had a link from ur blog to ur FB which was still under your birth name then so that's probably how they knew it if they're a long-time follower. it's still a shitty thing to do tho :// please stay calm and safe ok? thinking of you

the phrasing of the ask kinda gave a few things away but thank u!!!!!!! yeah my url actually used to hav my birthname in too, but that was a loooooooooooooooooong time ago like? 2 years or longer i think ah

i lov eric foxmulder (is that right im not on laptop sry) yr so well-spoken and cool thank u so much

lmao i know who you r now so like. Can you stop harassing me n stuff ???? please either directly communicate w me or pretend i dont exist. you make me feel like shit still so Nice Going im so proud of u for targeting me :-))))))

who the fuck sent me an ask with my birth name in. what the FUCK im really fucking scared who are you


mum took charlie to the doctors and the doctor said he might have a brain tumour. she is taking him to the doctor’s tomorrow. i am terrified.
i forgot my college id card so felt like i was breaking into a secret headquarters of some kind as i used alf’s instead of mine. literature was as good as ever, and included a brief discussion on homoromantic subtext. after college i headed to work for a five-hour stock rec thing. almost everyone is amazing and i already adore my job. i was showered and in bed for ten. it was a very long day, but tomorrow is going to be longer.

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