pls send me all yr positive vibes 4 tomorrow bc i want this job really badly aaaaaaaa


today was as hectic as i thought it would be, but nowhere near as painful. as i found myself sat in my place at 8:45 on the dot, ready for my lit lesson i admit i was more surprised than proud. today’s lesson included the table bonding over discussing our relationships (turns out everyone is taken, which i think is slightly curious) and shakespeare’s use of the phrase “golden shaft of light”. yes i am paraphrasing.
sociology was filled with the usual casual racism and ableism, today obnoxiously intermingled with the odd slur or two. it washed over me smoother than usual however, as i was mostly stressed about my interview for lush that evening. i also made a funky leaflet about norway’s culture, which i know was primarily bullshit from what sam has told me.
after college i killed half an hour in town. purchased a new charger for my ipad that actually works and some shirts for bleaching, including stan and jupi’s which i am so ready to post. in the post office i did my good deed for the day by handing in a fiver i found rather than keeping it for myself, which got me thinking about karma and stuff. i wonder if i will ever be able to make my mind up.
then i met up with alf to make the infamous requested name badge for lush, which ended up looking fairly snazzy. we collaged some letters from the lush magazine in pretty colours. i killed some more time before my interview and grabbed dinner on my own, feeling cool and angsty. i forget that being nervous is such a horrible feeling sometimes.
the group interview itself went pretty well, but i have no idea if i’ll get the job or not. i really really hope i do, because the people i met were ace. we spent most of the interview stroking eachothers’ hands which was a particularly nice bonding experience, and i went home smelling fantastic. once home i discovered my docs had arrived, lovingly wrapped in four hundred layers of plastic. they fit perfectly and i am so glad that today is over. peace

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i wrote up a really great days post and the app crashed as i clicked post. I am determined 2 make my day not suck in any way possible do not push me tumblr


pretty city 🎀✨

please send zombue as many happy birthdays as u are physically able 2 :o) he deserve at least 400. Mayb even 500 who knows. lov u pup



Heathers (1988)


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it’s just like so weird cause a lot of tumblrisms are clearly stemmed from aave and then killed by non-black POC & white people hence their constant misuse and eventual overuse, until black people come up w more terms to use 

terms like

  • basic
  • prayer circle
  • thirst/thirsty/the thirst
  • (example) game on point
  • (example) game strong
  • slay
  • shade
  • bruh
  • hunty
  • bae
  • stay in [pronoun] lane

etc etc etc

stop usin aave just because you learned it on tumblr

you’re still not entitled to it and you’re especially not if you just use it to seem hip and cool and funny

cause what it boils down to is that you don’t use it for expression and you were not raised to speak like that, nor do you live around people who speak like that— you just use it to be funny in front of your friends and that’s the thing I don’t like

Anonymous asked: how do you feel about peter pettigrew??

its not cool to leave him out of art/fics that are marauder era bc he is actually an important part of the marauders friendships regardless of how shitty he turned out to be?? i dont wanna justify his actions later on in his life but he was a kid trying 2 fit in w the cool guys and a lot of ppl find themselves in similar situations at some point so i think its better to stop pretending peter didnt exist and like? think ab why he turned out the way he did. there is maybe some parallel between the way sirius treated kreacher n the consequences of that & the way the marauders treater peter. then again it is 11:07pm and i am having great difficulty constructing proper sentences right now so chances are i will delete this in the morning

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i cant believe im at that point where people send me anons asking for my opinion on completely irrelevant aspects of their life
like ya its cool i like answering them & giving the best advice i can but im sure there are people who can definitely give a better perspective/advice

Anonymous asked: i've been thinking about buying an ipod but i don't know if it would useful since i already have a good phone. What do you think?

i’m probably not the person to ask but i hate my phone & p much only use it for music bc i smashed my ipod to smithereens. if yr gonna buy an ipod you should probably try & get it second-hand because they r nasty overpriced, especially seeing as you already have a decent phone so won’t use half the features :3c

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i felt really sick this morning and threw up while ant’s parents were over. i still feel pretty ill and i think it’s probably from lack of sleep. thanx college.
so yeah i threw up about half an hour before i was due to meet george to pick stuff up for alf’s surprise birthday thing, so we rearranged and i tried sleeping it off by powernapping. turns out that was a terrible idea as i woke up 2 hours later feeling like i was in the matrix. very groggily skated to meet george, grabbed some emergency birthday attire and headed back home. set everything up (including “pin the fringe on the prince”) and picked alf up. his expression made all the stress and vomit worth it ten times over.
we watched the lego movie and ate pizza and everything was awesome. stayed up way later than i wanted to half-completing lit work i promised myself i wouldn’t leave last minute. tomorrow is going to be stressful and bad and i do not think i will be able to get through the day. see you on the other side


What is up everyone!!! Also here is a cool fun song I made up recently I hope u enjoy !