things to do to strangers

  • smile at them
  • be as polite and friendly as possible
  • respect their personal space

thing not to do to strangers

  • take photos of them without their permission
  • like seriously
  • why do people do that
  • i don’t care if they’re wearing something cute n quirky
  • i don’t care if they fit your headcanon for a character
  • i don’t care if they’re particularly attractive
  • they are not consenting to the image.
  • also while i’m at it
  • please don’t reblog pictures of people that do not look as if they have expressed permission for the photo to be taken. it fuels the idea that these creepshot-type pictures are acceptable
  • [does a backflip] alright i hope you’ve got the idea now have a good day and drink plenty of water. peace

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hhi i’m back from spain didyamissme i’ll answer messages in the morning i’m very sleepy and 0_0 right now but you’re all very sweet i hope you had a great day! sweet dreams

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the waves

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Anonymous asked: WOAH you are super attractive

ah wow, thank-you!

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me nd my john green


me: bb ur hands are fuckn boring
him: that me book

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Bathroom tile and Sink, 2008Sunshine Syrie


Bathroom tile and Sink, 2008
Sunshine Syrie

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